Helping to hold down a beta werewolf isn’t the only time in this episode that Stiles shows that he’s stronger than he looks.

When Stiles grabs the lacrosse stick, Coach Finstock takes a step back as he tries to pull it out of Stiles’ grip.  But Stiles jerks it back, using both hands, and then continues to hold on to it one-handed while Finstock keeps trying to pull it away. It’s only when he uses both hands—and Stiles shifts his focus entirely to the photo—that he takes it away from Stiles.

Finstock outweighs Stiles, he’s pulling the stick at an upward angle, and he’s in a position to shift his weight significantly. Stiles’ underhand grip and Finstock’s leverage advantage as he stepped back should have made it easy to take back the lacrosse stick.  But maybe he wasn’t pulling too hard for fear of hurting Stiles.

I might buy that, if he weren’t clearly using his leverage to yank back hard on the stick with one hand while the other is clamped around Stiles’ wrist in such a way that his fingers are pressing down on the tendons in the fourth gif.  That should have a) loosened Stiles’ grip and b) allowed Finstock to push Stiles’ hand down the stick.  (DON’T.  I know you want to, but DON’T.  Because EUW.)

Yet even with that much advantage, Stiles not only pulls the stick back, he does it with one hand.

Somehow, Stiles’, “Better,” seems a little ominous, all of a sudden…

Well, there are a couple of ways we can look at this.

1. The new body that the Nogitsune created in order to separate himself from Stiles came with additional perks such as enhanced strength and possibly healing.

2. Stiles was never fully human to begin with and is something else that isn’t a shifter or a banshee.

3. A side effect of being sacrificed to the Nemeton and tying it to themselves. Scott is more calm and centered than before (Scott also only fully actualized himself as an Alpha AFTER the bath dip), Allison was more badass and on target as well, and Stiles was more connected to the spiritual realm all in the aftermath of being sacrificed to the Nemeton.

4. As the Avatar of the Nemeton/Emissary to the Pack Stiles gets perks in addition to his ability to do magic-like things with Mountain Ash that we’ve only seen Druids do.

5. A combination of some or all of the above.

I’m mostly leaning towards the Stiles has always been something else theory. Because it’s not only after the nogitsne or nemeton that he shows this unusual strenght. In 3a when Scott wanted his tattoo, Derek told Stiles to hold Scott down. And he did. He managed to hold down a werewolf in agonazing pain - now an argument could be made that Scott was holding back in order not to hurt Stiles but I doubt that’s the reason considering Scott was in so much pain he fainted so most likely he was also in no condition to hold back anything.

Another case is in s02 with Derek in the pool - Stiles held someone with Derek’s build in the pool for 2 hours while treading water and constantly looking around for the kanima. Not an easy feet no matter how you slice it and I think normal humans wouldn’t have made it that long for sure.

Now we have him holding Liam with Scott (notice Scott alone can’t do it) - a factor probably is that this time Liam isn’t moon-crazy but just having a fit over his former classmate but still pissed-off werewolf and Stiles manages on the same level as Scott.

Next week we see him with Derek (who’s loosing power) trying to hold Brett still on Deaton’s table. Now their both struggling with the kid, but again Stiles is on the same level as Derek who may be loosing power but he hasn’t lost it completely yet, he’s still a werewolf - I would say he’s as strong now as Scott on an average day.

I’m sure there are more case where Stiles displays similar not-quite-human abilities but even just from these here, I’d say we have a pattern.

Stiles shattered a baseball bat over Voltron wolf. Just stop and think about the force required to do that for a moment.

The spark idea has been linked to this before — see here. I didn’t think there was quite enough evidence at the time, but it’s tipping more towards a supernatural explanation every episode.

I’ll add to the list of observations. During lacrosse try-outs Stiles looked not only calm about him missing the goal, but like he did it on purpose. The ball got right into the goalies’ stick net, right? And in 4.5 the ball got right into Kira’s stick net. Check her reaction, it wasn’t a repeat of Malia’s situation.

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Stiles being an asshole over actual problems that are a huge struggle for people. I like Stiles, but lately I’ve been annoyed with how he’s been written. Poking fun at the kid who’s just been told he has a mental disorder isn’t funny, i don’t see how in any way that would be funny.

Or when Isaac spoke about abuse, which scars you forever by the way. Memories stay with you forever

after ethan says the twins were abused by their old pack:

it doesn’t make any sense to me that stiles would make comments like this.i always thought of him as a caring character. & he’s suffered mental illness recently why would he mock liam?

He’s always been like that, though. Like—okay, maybe you don’t like that aspect of his character and yes, there’s a lot of inconsistent writing, but this isn’t one of those things.

The thing is, the thing that I feel like a lot of people like to kind of ignore when it comes to Stiles, is he’s a little bit of a sociopath and maybe also a little bit of a psychopath. I don’t have a degree in psychology so I can’t really break down the difference between the two, especially since they have a lot of crossover, but I find it incredibly likely that Stiles has a combination of physical dysfunction in his brain and emotional-slash-mental trauma, most likely from his mother’s death and being in the room with her when it happened, that has completely skewed his ability to operate on a healthy, normal social level.

I truly and legitimately believe that Stiles has a fundamental difficulty, if not actual inability, to see other human beings as worthy of his empathy from the moment he meets them. I think he’s a misanthrope at heart, and mostly sees human beings as annoyances. He has to learn to care about each person individually. Not that he can’t or doesn’t care about some people, because he very clearly does, but he also has a pre-established tendency to cling very tightly to the people he does care about, very likely to an unhealthy level. Stiles doesn’t really do casual friends (most people do). He has very close friends or not at all. This is in part because he’s that guy. I hate to say it because he’s the fandom’s darling but Stiles is one hundred percent the guy who would give you creepy vibes if he went to your high school. He’s a publicly suspected criminal (felon? I haven’t looked up whether it’s a felony or not but I presume that kidnapping is a felony) with a restraint order against him, which we obviously saw Jackson didn’t mind mentioning at the drop of a hat. He looks at high glossy photos of graphic murders in the middle of Econ class.

Let me repeat that:

He looks at high glossy photos of graphic murders in the middle of class.

It isn’t that he doesn’t understand that these things violate social mores. He’s too smart for that. It’s that he doesn’t care. He has to learn to care with each new situation and each new individual. He often fakes caring because he knows Scott cares. Go back through the series and look at how many times Stiles does the right thing because Scott directly asked him to. Scott is Stiles’ conscience. I am fairly convinced in most situations, if Stiles has an internal conscience at all he simply doesn’t give a shit about it and stopped listening a long time ago.

He reacts to stress by running his mouth. When he’s in a high-stress situation, the first thing that goes is his give-a-damn about whether or not he’s hurting peoples’ feelings. He says what he thinks needs to be said, or what’s on his mind, and it occurs to him after he’s said it that maybe it was over the line. He even does this to Scott in the first season. The very first season, to his very best friend, one of the few people in the show we have been given reason to believe Stiles does legitimately care about.

Stiles makes these comments because he does not care that he’s hurting people or poking at old scars. He knows they’re effective because he shares those scars. It’s completely hypocritical of him, too, because I guarantee you if the tables were turned and someone was speaking in that way to him he’d take it badly. (Whether I think he’d shut down and collapse into himself or lash out violently depends on a lot of variables).

In short: he’s Sherlock Holmes, he’s not John Watson. He cares about very few people, deeply, and does things because they want him to, and he cares about solving puzzles for the sake of solving puzzles. He’s not an inherently caring character. Stiles has to work to care, and requires people to justify to him their worthiness of his caring, and yes, that’s a terrible thing for him to do.

let’s clear a few things up first:

the difference between sociopath and psychopath is, basically, none. whatsoever. those who believe psychopathy is purely something you become because of nurture say sociopath, nature say psychopath. the general consensus is that it’s a mix between the two, so most will use psychopath. it’s kind of like justin bieber thanking not only god, but also jesus.

peter would be classified as a psychopath from what has been shown on the show, not too sure kate would cut it by the psychopathy checklist. stiles has the same amount of psychopathic traits the average person has (about 4-5 points, if I remember correctly). the fact that he does cling to people, has a group of people he cares deeply about is a clear sign he’s no psychopath. he can be a manipulative little shit, but it’s not done for personal gain, like peter or gerard.

now, bullshit, humour and sass has always been stiles’ go-to defence mechanism, and that’s just what it is; a defence mechanism. he has a handful of people he cares about because the loss of his mom taught him loss happens to those who care, not those being cared of. funnily enough, his behaviour almost mirrors jackson’s a bit. I don’t know if that’s intentional or not.

in the scene with isaac, think about what just happened before stiles makes that comment- they’re talking about how the sacrifice is affecting them, isaac makes a comment about people going through what they go through being locked up in asylums and stiles asks him to be helpful and isaac says what’s in the gifs above. stiles is frustrated and, as we know now, scared out of mind. it’s a defence mechanism.

the thing with ethan happens right after boyd has died. stiles is being an asshole, yes, but it’s most likely because he’s pissed off. this is, weirdly enough, a good sign- normally erica and boyd wouldn’t have been close enough for stiles to give a shit, yet he does.

stiles is being incredibly insensitive with liam, yes, but his criticism is directed at scott, not liam. basically everyone but his dad and melissa is being targeted by an assassin club, he doesn’t have time for a newly bitten beta who already has anger issues, and I think that’s mainly where all the attitude is coming from. stiles was in a similar place and made a self-sacrificial decision to avoid hurting others, liam stops taking his meds so he can play lacrosse. (and on a side note, I wonder wtf his doctor of a stepdad is thinking?)

the nogitsune definitely changed stiles. I don’t know how getting your driver’s license is everywhere else but in sweden you have this crash test thing where the entire meaning with the 4-something hours you’re there is to experience what it’s like to lose the grip of the road or run into something (usually snow) so you won’t panic if it happens in real life. scott is so scared of becoming peter he might panic and flip his car, so to speak. stiles’ car has already been flipped, rolled down a hill and set on fire. whatever happens, he’s been there. so yeah, stiles “ohmygod is that brain matter” stilinski from 3a is now okay with looking at crime scene photos because he’s already seen worse, he’s been desensitised (which is easier than you might think) and he’s working against the clock to keep someone from dying while trying to maintain his grades. I’ve looked at worse pictures for less, to be honest with you.

tl;dr- being specific with who you consider your closest doesn’t make you a psychopath, neither does being an asshole. the nogitsune has made stiles meaner, but he’s still no peter. it’s not about who stiles deems worthy but who he considers worth caring about when he’ll end up losing them eventually anyway. 

Looking at the Liam scene… every sassy comment Stiles has is completely directed at Scott… It’s to make Scott realize there are going to be serious consequences if he doesn’t handle this properly. Yeah, if you just listen to what’s being said then Stiles comes off as a complete asshole but watching it paints a different picture. Is it still asshole things to say? Absolutely. But is it something that might get Scott to realize Liam needs his attention? Yes. Scott has shown time and again he has a very limited view of what is happening. Even in this episode - Stiles is begging for Scott to get Coach to cancel the game. Scott says “I’m not afraid” like he’s the only person out there who could get hurt. That sentence prompts Kira to say “me neither” despite us seeing her completely terrified shortly after. Its a false bravado to please Scott. As Alpha, he should be thinking about everyone - Liam, Stiles, Kira, Scott, other players - but instead he focuses on his own personal feeling and dismisses Stiles’ worry. However, Stiles’ comments here must have at least somewhat gotten through to him because Scott does watch Liam at the game - which is more than he does for anyone else out there bar Garrett.

So yes, Stiles can be an asshole, but usually his worst sentences are when something needs to be said or he’s pissed and someone says the wrong comment. Going back to the twins, they just killed Boyd. Stiles has no sympathy for them at this point. Doesn’t matter what their backstory is they turned into the bad guys and Stiles will only ever see them as that. So his comment may hurt but not nearly as much as having a friend or growing friend murdered. With Isaac, Stiles came off as resentful towards Isaac more than once. That was the first major instance, but remember right after Isaac got turned he was an ass back to Stiles. That was kind of their relationship. Now yes, Stiles’ comment above is cruel, but his face does not say “I’m insulting you to hurt you” it’s more of just something that slips out. He doesn’t say it to be cruel its just a statement that he doesnt think through. Should it have been said? No. But is it said in a vicious spiteful manner? No.

Stiles can be an asshole especially with his words. But usually, its Stiles’ words that don’t get paid attention to. How many times have we seen characters not listen to him? How many times has he not been taken seriously? How many times has he been overlooked? At this point, Stiles only has pale skin, sarcasm, and a bat. He’s like an angry chihuahua. Foaming at the mouth when he gets pissed but isn’t really going to cause much damage. Therefore noone takes him seriously.

I, too, thought Stiles’ comments to/about Liam were really aimed at *Scott*, and this is part of a developing Rift between them. Stiles is *pissed* at his BFF for being irresponsible, while Stiles has stepped up his sense of responsibility for the people he loves and for Beacon Hills in general. Scott is the one of them with the great power yet he isn’t showing great responsibility, and it’s really getting to Stiles.

What comes back to me is the “joke” Stiles made a few episodes back about how irresponsible it was to stay in school when there was some kind of family-murdering threat around.

YES EXACTLY, I was thinking of that, too. That line has become my Stiles characterization touchstone for S4 (so far). It’s a *big* shift for him, as is only appropriate post-Nogitsune: he now feels not just guilty, but *responsible*. He’s becoming more like his father, maturing in his father’s direction (if you know what I mean).

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Anonymous asked:

Do you think Derek is a hopeless romantic? I have a headcannon that he is so full of love, that when he finally has someone to give it too he usually ends up doing these amazing and cute things for them. And I think his friends would go to him for advice about dating because he's secretly great with relationships--he just mostly dates assholes that are the ones to screw it up.



greyface, I have a confession to make that will colour the rest of my answer: I’m not in the least bit romantic in the conventional sense! If you were to give me flowers, I would assume you were guilty about something, I’m diabolically awful at accepting compliments and I’m cynical about valentine’s day. I’m a monster, a monster who is terrible at being wooed. I blush and develop four heads. It’s awkward. 

Having said that, I am in love with the idea of secret romantic Derek Hale, who looks at roses and thinks ‘one day,’ who knows how to waltz, and avidly  watches romantic comedies, and also in love with Derek, in the lost New York years, becoming some kind of dating coach, even if his advice at the start would basically be ‘do they smell of gun oil? Are they interested in floor plans of your family home? If so, don’t,’ and ‘she laughed at your shirt? Dude, that is the least of what she could have done. And it’s a dumb shirt, go apologize.’ Like, he’d maybe be the harsh but true friend, the one who’s just like ‘nope. Don’t do this again. We’ve discussed this.’

The Derek Hale I am most into would be the practical romantic, and by this I mean more than flowers and serenades. My grandpa, when my grandma started finding it difficult to walk, made her two upright wooden walking trolleys, with a shelf at the top to store things in and a tray on the top so she could carry her cup of tea. He was a cabinet maker, so these trolleys were really well made, and made an incredible amount of difference to my grandma’s life. She could get around downstairs and upstairs, and had a measure of independence she would not have otherwise had. They were made with care, thought and love. He even lined the trays with patterned paper so they would look bright and cheerful. That’s the sort of romance I love.

I’m a monster for Derek doing carpentry, making Stiles a set of shelves that are the right height and depth for the weird occult books he collects. I’d read the hell out of Derek learning to do massage because Stiles gets aches in his shoulders when he researches for too long. I adore the kind of love in which one sees a need in the other and quietly works to meet it, not because they expect praise, but because they want their loved one’s life to be better.


I’m pretty sure that’s what happened….

I just imagine human!derek being hella high like, “Dude. I totally boned your best friend last night. He was amazing.”

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Anonymous asked:

How do you know Posey and Dylan were high?


Hi, Anon!

I don’t - I’m not there with them, or friends with them or anything. (And honestly, from the pictures and what little video footage I’ve seen, I’d say actually this year Dylan looks impressively not stoned.)

But given things they’ve said, and my own personal experience, plus Dylan’s confessed anxiety issues, I’d say it’s safe to say that in those cases where they seem like they might be high?


from somebody who isn’t even there

  • is Hoechlin ever NOT a fucking ray of fucking sunshine?
  • Hoechlin and Holland’s friendship gives me life. LIFE.
  • Sprayberry is, like, 2 feet talls
  • and probably should’ve been taken upstairs to get high with Dylan and Posey beforehand because he seems to have trouble smiling, and mostly looks either angry or petrified
  • Dylan O’Brien needs to stop dressing like my brother; I have a hard enough time with the fact that they’re around the same age already
  • everybody in the cast should always get to dress like video game characters
  • did I mention how happy Hoechlin looked? 

Hey, one of my friends got their picture in here. Awesome!



I’ll just leave this here…

I might have forgiven you, Jeff. Except that you didn’t skip over Malia’s mental development in order to more fully delve into her story or her struggles or, god-forbid, the plot. Nope, you skimmed over what ought to be a full on handicap in order to sexualize her and use her as the cherry popper for one of your precious boys like the misogynistic douche that you are. :)

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