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I agree with his observations - scenes between Stiles and Derek have from 3a and onwards been shown illuminated by light. Clearly this is no coincidence…

Also remember

Q: [About Derek] […] Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for him, or will he always kind of be the show’s whipping boy?

A: Light. Yes.

Jeff Davis, Tumblr Q&A
From the official teen wolf character bio for Stiles
: Always willing to risk his life to help his supernatural friends, Stiles is the
light of Beacon Hills.

I swear, teen wolf meta has been kicking ass today.

You know this kind of reminds me of how in the credits Stiles stands in front of the headlights of his car.

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'Guess that fic' number 37. Sterek.

This is seriously the cutest fucking blog, jesus.

Seconded. I love it so much!

I will send you a self-addressed, stamped box.

If but I thought they’d survive without a metric fuckton of dried ice. 

(If you come for Maze Runner, which you obvs totally should, I will make you one of these. Or both. :D?)


For the below pictures. In a separate post because hey, realized they won’t let me put a “read more” in a photo post. So!

For recipes/tips on making matzoh crack and buttercream truffles, click the little link.

(ETA: accidentally prematurely hit publish. Oops. Let’s try again, shall we?)

Cooking update the last: done and done. Yeah, I knew I’d be too exhausted in the morning to deal with them, and I wanted to take them in tomorrow. Luckily, they were solid enough, and good to know that I don’t need to wait the full 12 hours previously prescribed by my grandmother.

(also, I’m pretty sure this is the best covering job I’ve done in a damn long time. possibly ever.)

Pictures of the Matzoh Crack at top to show you how the caramel gets into all the nooks and crannies (and often under it, too). Ngh.

ETA: Recipes now up here




Cauliflower kugel #pesach #passover #vscocam

My grandma’s cauliflower kugel.

which was awesome and I don’t even like cauliflower

omg that looks amazing. Somebody wants to send me a recipe, right?

“Saddling back up to ride the wolf”
— Dylan O’brien at the MTV movie awards about s4, or, things that Dylan probably immediately regretted saying .5 seconds after he said them. (via hales-emissary)

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Project 1 (on the left, which you didn’t ask about *g*) is buttercream truffles (they’ll get a chocolate coat in the morning - or in a few hours if I can’t be arsed to wait the full 12 hours). Originally an Easter candy I learned to make from my grandmother (who made them in the shape of eggs), but as I can’t have regular powdered sugar anyway, KP powdered sugar is me-friendly, hurrah! The only hazard is that it leaks a bit of liquid as potato and tapioca starches don’t hold moisture as well as corn starch.

Project 2 (on the right), is something called matzoh crunch, though in our house we call it matzoh crack. You make a caramel, pour it over some matzohs, put that in the oven for a while, and then melt chocolate over it.

I’ll put recipes up in a bit (when I’m back at my computer).

Not pictured: the wife and child made homemade tootsie rolls, which taste amazingly like the real thing (and look amazingly like turds).

Baking project 2, in the oven.

Back to work tomorrow, so I’m making my co-workers some kosher for Passover sweets.







I need more bi friends.

Would anyone like to be my friend?

hello friend!



(i’m sorry for this)


I wouldn’t be! I was actually looking for a suitable image to respond to that statement and I think this works really well :)

and I have an imaginary bisexual avengers secret base tree fort, ALL OF BI TUMBLR IS INVITED

I definitely want to be part of the bisexual avengers. Awwww, yeah.

(also, if any of you are Teen Wolf fans, check out stilescampaign and join us. Okay, so Stiles is more Batman than Iron Man, but I’m pretty sure he’d give the Bisexual Avengers love nonetheless.)



Re your comment - I think you are absolutely right, and after rereading yanks’s comment that might be what she was getting at? I picked up on the competition stuff because, hey, 3 years into this relationship and we’ve been talking about that LITERALLY from before they were together plus it was ALL OVER my dash last night.

So, I mean yes, but also: this is such a critical period of gender instability so I’m not completely sure HOW different it is, and if we can ever generalize very well - it feels like an empirical question to me, at this point - but yes. Basically we should meet at Panera again and spend time excavating each other’s relationships. Well, that sounds fun to me, anyway. :-P

Yes, we absolutely should. :D (And possibly you are right - I was reading posts/comments and making my own at a time in the morning when my brain hadn’t yet turned on yet, so who the eff knows.)

(and hey, it was all over my dash this morning, too, so. XD)

(also I possibly think about their relationship way too much for somebody who actively doesn’t enjoy the show. *g*)

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